Kyoto Awards

Great Food and Big Fun

The true Japanese dining experience

Kyoto Sushi & Steak delivers the true Japanese dining experience featuring traditional style tatami rooms, hibachi tables and crowded sushi bars. However, the atmosphere is anything but expected with festive Teppan shows and other culinary performances. For adventuresome and simple palates alike, Kyoto is considered a crowd pleaser. Just keep an eye out for flying shrimp catapulted off the searing grill, and you’ll agree.

By 435 South Magzine

Eating Out in Overland Park, 10 Best Local Restaurants

For an authentic Japanese fine dining experience Kyoto Sushi and Steak Japanese Restaurant is a must-visit and provides guests with a variety of dining options – you can enjoy a relaxing meal at a table or comfortable booth, take a seat at the longest sushi bar in Overland Park or book one of the restaurant’s four teppanyaki rooms where the master chefs will prepare and grill your meal right in front of you.

By Culture Trip

The best Japanese Steakhouse in Kansas City Area!

By far the best Japanese Steakhouse in Kansas City Area! I have traveled this country enough to know how Good and BAD Japanese steakhouses can be. NO ONE Does it better than KYOTO. I Have enjoyed many many fine meals here, and have yet to be disappointed. Great Staff, Fine beef and even great sushi. Hard to find this anywhere else around here all under one roof.

Try it and you'll love it!!! See ya there!

By Yahoo

Oh my.... I want sushi right now!!!

I 've never been fan of sushi. Me and a couple of colleagues went there for dinner and I tried sushi again for the second time. WOW!!! The spicy tuna roll made me ecstatic about sushi. :) Anyways... I've tried others as well in the KC areas. NO COMPARISONS!!! I'm looking forward to having a birthday dinner there this year. So Kyoto, please look forward to me and my hungry group in August, 2008. LOL!

Try it and you'll love it!!! See ya there!

By Diamikia City Search

All of the food is great and the chefs are awesome.

I am buisness associates eat here at least once a week sometimes alot more often. All of the food is great and the chefs are awesome. I had not had sushi before here and have tried other places since which have not even been close. Great place overall and my 3 year old daughter lves the place as well.

  • Pros: Great sushi, Great crab salad, Great Steak

By Karises City Search

As good as sushi can get -- in the Midwest!

I have had sushi from all around the world, and when I am in Kansas City, I like to have an occasional fix of sushi. Kyoto's food is really tasty, and I particularly am a fan of the rice they use, in that it is not extremely sticky and difficult to consume like some sushi is. The service was superb, and (not that this matters to everyone) there were a couple very attractive servers who were very sweet and attentive as well!

When you sit in the little side rooms, the servers even remove their shoes before coming in, which I thought was great and very true to authentic Japanese establishments. The only downside was the layout of the restaurant, as it also has the Hibachi style steakhouse with the flamboyant chefs yelling and tossing food around. This is a great aspect if you are going for that purpose, however, a couple times that I have gone with a friend or a group of friends, we were seated at the sushi bar in the same room, and we could not hear one another at all. Other than that, I was very pleased and have been the 5 or 6 times that I have gone.

  • Pros: Everything...

By G. Fuller Trip Advisor